Raw material used is Atmospheric Air.

Manufacturing Process:

Air is a mixture of gases and contains 78.03% Nitrogen and 20.99% of Oxygen. It is compressed and then impurities such as moisture, Carbon dioxide, and oil are removed. The air is free from impurities is called as treated air. The temperature of compressed treated air is reduced to a very low temperature of -165 degrees centigrade to obtain liquid air. Liquid air contains 40% oxygen and therefore called as Rich Liquid.

The next step is to separate oxygen and nitrogen from liquid air in the distillation column. The column consists of two parts called as lower column and upper column. The liquid air is collected at the lower column and is fed to the upper column after subjected to further cooling by passing through an expansion valve. In the upper column liquid oxygen and gaseous nitrogen is separated. In the top part of lower column liquid nitrogen is condensed. This contains 99% nitrogen which is called as Poor Liquid. Once the required purity of each liquid is achieved oxygen and nitrogen are filled in to cylinders after converting to gaseous form.

Finto Enterprises - Air Speration

We assure that we adhere in to all the safety standards recommended by the Plant manufacturer in order to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and the Plant .We follow all the quality standards during the entire production process to provide high quality oxygen and nitrogen gases in accordance with the recommended standards in Sri Lanka. We further assure our customers an excellent after sales service as serving our customers to their utmost satisfaction is our policy.

Also Our Dissolved Acetylene Plant is situated in Bopitiya, Sri Lanka.


Raw material used is Calcium Carbide.

Manufacturing Process:

Calcium Carbide and water is reacted in an equipment called generator and raw acetylene gas is drawn from the top of the generator. This raw gas contains impurities and as these impurities affect the quality of the welding badly these have to be removed before filling the gas in to cylinders. The aforesaid impurities are Ammonia, Moisture, impurities of Sulphur and Phosphorus. These impurities are removed in different stages and once the correct purity of gas is achieved filling to cylinders is done following all the safety standards. The safety and quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process to supply a high quality Acetylene Gas with recommended safety standards. Our Plant is completely automatic and equipped with the required controls to ensure the safety of the employees and also to achieve high quality gas.

We assure our customers an excellent after sales service as serving our customers to their utmost satisfaction is our policy.

Finto Enterprises - Air Speration