Finto Enterprises

Industrial Gases

We are one of the leading industrial gas manufacturers in Sri Lanka. We manufacture Oxygen Gas, Medical Oxygen Gas, Nitrogen Gas, Acetylene Gas and Liquid Nitrogen Gas in our Manufacturing Plants. Other than that we distribute Argon Gas, Carbon Dioxide Gas, Compressed Air etc. We always provided needed gas requirements for a reasonable price for the customers.

Finto Enterprises

Welding and Safety services

We are capable of providing complete sets for Gas Welding and Gas Cutting for the customers. We have all the needed accessories such as Gas Cylinders (Oxygen / Acetylene) , Carbide Tanks, Regulators, Twin Hose, Cutting Touch, Welding Touch, Non Return Valves, Flashback Arrestors, Nozzles, Hose Clips etc.

Finto Enterprises

Printed Balloon services

We cater Gas balloons for any needed requirements such as Party’s, Weddings, Birthdays Etc. We will refill any size balloon provided by the customer if it is for the required thickness and quality. Any number of Gas Balloons will be filled within working hours.

Customer Support

We are here to provide you goods and services with the best quality. We are always there to provide solution for your problems with Industrial Gas, Welding Accessories, Welding Equipment’s or any other relevant fields.

Best Services

We Supply gases with standard specifications and quality. We fulfill your requirements within a minimum time period. We distribute island wide to make your work easier.

Experience within the Industry

For a period of 50 years, we have provided goods and services to our customers.
Throughout our journey we have developed our services with the experience of the field to provide better products with best quality to our customers.

Manufacturer and Export of products

We manufacture Oxygen Gas, Medical Oxygen Gas, Acetylene Gas, Nitrogen Gas, Liquid Nitrogen and Carbide Tanks.
We export Oxygen Gas and Acetylene Gas.